Annual Maine Summer Auction - August 21, 2006

Original watercolor by Andrew Wyeth 1917 and Peter Hurd 1904-1984. Painting depicts an island home with a red flag, sky and clouds painted by Andrew Wyeth, the grass, bushes, etc. painted by Peter Hurd, signed Peter Wyeth and Andrew Hurd! It appears that the brothers-in-law were having some fun painting one day!! Wonderful unusual fresh find from a private home measures 19” x 27” with note from Carolyn on back. Important painting by Walter Gay of French peasants kneeling in church with stained glass window and an old man with crutches in the doorway decommissioned from a prominent institution where it had been in storage since 1955, some loss of paint but “as found” 81” x 64” signed Walter Gay lower left dated 1892. Wonderful oil on canvas in museum frame of lake with palm trees, boats, and people 41” x 56” luminous sky signature not readable, w/c of two ships with bright color by William Thon 1906-2000 22” X 28” framed. W/C titled “Afternoon At Mystra” 27” x 40” also by William Thon . American Folk Art painting by Jonathan Adams Bartlett 1817-1902 of Mary Ann Field age14, image size 20” x 24” in original frame signed top right along with a copy of the book on Bartlett written by Dr. Martin, Rumford, Maine. Theorem painting with basket of fruit and bird by David Ellinger 17” x 21” with grain decorated frame. Ink drawing by Henry Farny 1847-1916 depicts tin candle snuffer 5” x 5 1/2”. Old master style painting 68” x 58” in fancy oromlu frame of “The Holy Family” label reads “ copy after Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Oil on canvas by Wesley Webber 1841-1914 country scene in original frame 24” x 38”. Rare watercolor subject by Disney artist Maurice “Jake” Day 13” x 19” titled “The Guidance Counselor” in original frame. Old Master Copy 58” x 83” of Raffaello Santi’s 1483-1520 holy family in gilt frame “as is”. O/c by Edmund Darch Lewis 1835-1910 of woods, country road, etc., 24” x 42” as found in original frame, good overall condition with two small tears. Ink drawing of stylized man holding a Friendship sloop, the sloop spells (Wyeth) probably for “Friendship Sloop Days” from the estate of Wendall Hadlock , could a Wyeth have drawn it? O/c by Jonathan Bradley Morse 1834-1890 country scene with pond, dock, etc. Hudson Valley o/c with Indians in canoe with teepees on the shore 34” x 48” in original frame. Sandpaper memorial painting in original gold gilt frame. Small watercolor flower with memorial poem. O/c by William Fisher 1891-1985 seascape with crashing waves 20” x 24”, also a 16” x 20” schooner at dock by William Fisher. W/c by Vincent A. Hartgen titled “January Poem”, 30” x 42” in original frame. W/c by Clyde Prettyman dated 1951 fine work with ships, work boat in harbor 14” x 19” layed down. Pen & ink drawing signed Haynes of golden retriever with pheasant in mouth 16” x 20”. Portrait on wood dates 1880’s of young girl 8” x 8”. Large print by Henri Reviere 1864-1951 original frame 26” x 36” circa 1915, Raggedy Ann & Andy original cell. Plus more.

A. Wyeth - P. Hurd Painting
Close-up A. Wyeth - P. Hurd Painting
"Carolyn Wyeth's notes on back of painting"

Walter Gay, 1856-1937
Decommissioned from a prominent institution
Signed Walter Gay "1892"

William Thon, 1906-2000
William Thon

Jonathan Adams Bartlett 1817-1902

Wesley Webber, 1841-1914
Unsigned painting

Mini painting on ivory
Relief carving

Unsigned oil
Henry Farny drawing

Edmund Darch Lewis

Old Master copy, 83x58

Important oil painting - signature unreadable

Sandpaper Memorial painting
unsigned seascape

William Fisher, 1891-1985
William Fisher

Vincent A Hartgen

Maurice Jake Day, 1892-1983

Jonathan Bradley Morse

Holy Family 68x58

Sandpaper painting
Haynes Ink Drawing

Henri Riviere print
C. Pretyman

Hudson River oil 34x48

Hadlock Estate- Wyeth?

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